About I Am Wellness

Mission and Services

"I Am Healthy!"

"I Am Invigorated!"

"I Am Whole!"

"I Am Strong!"


If these affirmations aren't ringing with you yet, I want to help you make that happen! My mission as your personal health coach is to give you all the support, resources, and accountability you need to reach your health goals. This is not a group coaching program, this is a personalized, high-level 1 on 1 coaching program that essentially allows you to have me in your back pocket! With convenient online access for private coaching sessions, I can see clients virtually all around the globe!

There's so much more to treating diseases other than just the conventional methods of prescribing medications and being told you may have to "just accept and deal with it" for the rest of your life! You have suffered and been misguided for long enough! Comprehensive functional lab testing and taking a thorough health and symptoms history are the first steps we'll take to identify and understand the root cause of your most bothersome ailments. 

My HERSS method essentially analyzes 5 key components that can affect your overall health: Hydration, Eating (nutrition), Routine, Stress, and Sleep!

In my program, we will use my HERSS method to further explore how to...

  • Improve your gut health (bloating be gone!)

  • Establish sustainable eating habits (no fad diets!)

  • Control your blood sugar (reverse pre-diabetes!)

  • Improve your mood and energy (power through your busy day!)

  • Lower blood pressure (protect heart and brain health!)

Let's make 2022 your year!


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