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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the program?


Currently this is a 4 to 6-month program focused on finding the root cause of why you’re feeling poorly, which includes:


  • Access to functional lab tests

  • Personalized and extensive lab review

  • Live 1:1 Zoom sessions every other week

  • Unlimited communication via messaging

  • Personalized Wellness Protocol


If I had labs done already, can I use these?


Yes, if they were done within 4 months of starting the program. Most traditional practices will not include functional labs though, but we can use your recent results to compliment the functional labs I include in the cost of the full program.


Where do I get these labs done?


I am partnered with DHA laboratory, and they are super helpful in helping you find the nearest location to obtain a blood sample! Some of the labs are also at-home testing kits you can perform and send from the convenience of your home.


What information can I get from functional labs?


So much information! The lab package I include in my program will test for:

  •             Nutrient deficiencies

  •             Food sensitivities

  •             Insulin resistance

  •             Imbalances of the gut (dysbiosis)

  •             Mitochondrial dysfunction (responsible for energy production)

  •             Oxidative stress

  •             Inflammation

  •             Toxin exposure

  •             Detox support

  •             Thyroid/Hormone imbalance


Is this a weight loss program?


It is not solely a weight loss program or fitness program, but you may see loss of weight as we start addressing imbalances in your metabolism and reducing inflammation. You will have guidance on personalized nutrition to help you support weight loss! I am not a personal trainer but will certainly recommend exercise tips and resources to help you. We will not be a slave to the scale! The first step is to help you feel amazing!


Who is not a candidate for this program?


If you are someone that expects results overnight, is not ready to commit to a 4-6 month program or is not super motivated to finally feel your best self again, this may not be for you, yet! Also, while this program is safe for pregnant women, I do not accept pregnant clients at this time solely because I am not an expert in that field! I know some amazing women in functional medicine that help pregnant women if you are looking for a recommendation.


Can you prescribe medications or offer diagnoses?


While I am licensed as a family nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority and the ability to diagnose in the State of Florida, I am operating solely as an online functional health consultant. In this way, I am able to help clients virtually all around the world! I strongly suggest a full physical exam and traditional disease screenings with your primary doctor or nurse practitioner before starting any kind of alternative health program.  


What is the HERSS method?


The HERSS method stands for Hydration, Eating, Routine, Stress, and Sleep! It essentially analyzes these 5 key components that can affect your overall health! You will be asked about these on your comprehensive application before our case review so that we can address where habits may need to be adjusted or optimized in each of these categories.

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